The Baseball Hall of Dreams

310 2nd St. SE, Ste 102, Dyersville

(563) 875-8970

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The Baseball Hall of Dreams celebrates the magic, beauty and joy of baseball.  Rare memorabilia, interactive displays and rich personal stories will enhance your love and appreciation of the game.

 Fun – Educational – Inspiring

Red Faber Museum

608 2nd Ave SW, Cascade

(563) 590-5490

(563) 513-6340


Cascade, IA native Urban “Red” Faber persevered through illness and injury, a world war and the Black Sox scandal to win a place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

*Group tours available. 

If You Build It Exhibit

310 2nd St. SE Suite 103, Dyersville

(563) 230-7180

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Explore an exhibit dedicated to the making of America’s Slice of Heaven. See how the magic continues after Hollywood left a small town living the dream! Experience the history of the Field of Dreams and explore the community that it calls home.