Programs and Events of the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce

** Chamber Annual Meeting - Sponsorship Available 
        This is a great opportunity to see and hear about all the Chamber has done throughout the year. Traditionally held in January or February.  

** Womens Night Out 
        Any woman can use a night out of the house to enjoy some pampering & this is it! Traditionally held in March, the evening includes 25 vendors catering to women’s needs, a meal and entertainment. Each year over 300 women from the area particpate in this event.  Each year an outstanding woman from the community is chosen and nominated as Woman of the Year.  To nominate a Woman of the Year fill out a nomination form and send it to

** Real Life Acadamy 
    This program will take students from Beckman High School and Western Dubuque High School, give them a real life scenario (married/divorced, number of kids, occupations, gross income, etc) and challenge them to “live.”
    Students will visit tables and will write monthly checks on necessities: car insurance, utilities, childcare, and decide if they have enough money for amenities such as entertainment and toys. They will also have to be aware of the unexpected expenses from the roaming nurse and the occasional stop by the police department.  The goal of this program is to help students realize what life is like in the working world from a career that they choose. 

** Dyersville Farmer's Market
    The Dyersville Farmer's Market is held on Thursday from 2:30pm-6:00pm, May-October.  Visit with area vendors carrying produce, baked goods, wine and more, or become a vendor yourself!  For vendor information please contact the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce office.
**   Downtown Friday Night - Sponsorship Available 
        Enjoy a night out with food, music, fun and games.This event is free to attend and held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on 1st Avenue in Dyersville. Sponsored by the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce & local businesses. 
        Any business or organization can sponsor this event. To become involved, contact the Chamber office at 563-875-2311.

**  Ridiculous Day Promotion 
       Come out to Dyersville and enjoy some great shopping & bargains! Held in July this event draws people from all over the area to enjoy specials, discounts and friends.

** Christmas Retail Promotion - Sponsorship Available 
      This annual promotion kicks off in November. Shoppers are encouraged to sign up at participating businesses for a chance to win part of $2,000! All businesses are encouraged to participate and enjoy the rewards from this program that draws over 16,000 participants!

** Meet, Greet & Recognize - Sponsorship Available 
        This is a great networking opportunity.  Held September through May during the week from 7:30 to 9 a.m.,  this event brings together Chamber Member businesses to spotlight the achievements of individuals and organizations that have had a positive influence on the community, to talk about current issues, hear about new things going on in the area and meet new people. All Members and employees are encouraged to attend.

** Legislative Trip to Des Moines 
        If you have not visited the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, this trip is a must. Members have the opportunity to visit with local legislators, see how they work and hear about what they are working to accomplish in this session. This is something that everyone should do at least once! Traditionally this event takes place in March/April. 

** Legislative Luncheon
        Before the legislative session starts, it is important to relay to legislators bills to pass. This luncheon brings together the Senators and Representatives of the area to answer questions and discuss important issues. This is also a great opportunity to meet our elected officials and become familiar with their views and goals for the upcoming year. 

** School-to-work and Mentor Program 
        The Chamber assists local school programs by placing students in the business environment. This gives the student an idea of what they would like to do in the future. This is a great opportunity to interest students.

** Educational Seminars - Sponsorship Available 
    Each year in the Spring, the Chamber sponsors Educational Seminars that are pertinent to the needs of our members. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome - Send your suggestion to the Chamber!