Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce

  Living the Dream...

Banquet Facilities

Let us help you build your meeting goals and dreams in one of our convenient and friendly meeting spaces located in our community of just 4,000!  Home to the Field of Dreams Movie Site, our facility space, caterers and greeters look forward to making any small meeting feel at home during their stay.

Dyersville Comfort Inn: Can accommodate up to 100 people. Catering can be brought in. 
    Contact Terry Drees, General Manager 563-875-7700 or gm.ia072@choicehotels.com

Dyersville Commercial Club Park: Can accommodate up to 550 people. 
    Kitchen onsite for caterer use.  
    Contact Ashley Cosselman Phone Numbers: 563-543-9882 or 563-875-7727, dyersvillecommercialclub@gmail.com

Dyersville Oak Gardens: Can accommodate up to 300 people. Kitchen onsite

        Contact Ashley Cosselman, Phone Numbers: 563-543-9882 or 563-875-7727, dyersvillecommercialclub@gmail.com

Dyersville Community Room: Can accommodate up to 60 people. Kitchen onsite

       Contact Ashley Cosselman, Phone Numbers: 563-543-9882 or 563-875-7727, dyersvillecommercialclub@gmail.com 

Petersburg Community Center: Can accommodate up to 300 people. Kitchen area onsite. 

    Contact Robb Harter, Phone: 563:542-1010, petersburgcommunitycenter@yahoo.com

Farley Memorial Hall: Farley: Can accommodate up to 400 people.  Kitchen onsite. 

Contact Farley Commercial Club at 563-744-3480.

Worthington Memorial Hall: Worthington: Can accommodate up to 400 people 
    Contact Mary Habel at 563-855-2825 or clerksoffice@yousq.net

New Vienna Hall: New Vienna: Can accommodate up to 350 people 
    Contact New Vienna Picnic Association at 563-921-2295 or nvclerk@iowatelecom.net

Country Junction: Dyersville: Can accommodate up to 200 people 
    Contact Tracy at 563-875-7055 or tdeutmeyer@countryjunctionrestaurant.com

Dyersville Social Center: Dyersville: Can accommodate up to 150 people
    Contact City Hall at 875-7724 or tmaiers@cityofdyersville.com

In all facilities, tables and chairs are provided on site. Let us set the rooms up to your specifications. Any equipment that needs to be used, such as LCD Projectors, Laptops, sound system etc is all available in the community.


Country Junction Restaurant:
Basement accommodates up to 200
Onsite catering service. Prices range from $7 to $15 per person  
Visit them online at www.countryjunctionrestaurant.com
Contact Felicia at 563-875-7055 or mklueck@countryjunctionrestaurant.com

J&D Mart:
Catering service only. They can accommodate any size of group.
Price ranges from $5 to $15 per person.
Contact Diane Knepper at 563-921-2935 or jdmart@iowatelecom.net or visit them online at www.jdcateringservice.com

Chad’s Pizza & Restaurant: Catering service.  Price ranges from $5 to $15. Contact Chad Clouse at (563) 875-2483. www.chadspizzarocks.com, chadspizza@gmail.com

Simon's Family Restaurant & Catering:  Prices $7.50 to $9.00.  Contact Karla or Dave at (563) 855-2055.

Golf Side Grille: Contact Jeff Ehlers 563-875-6336, info@golfsidegrille.com, www.golfsidegrille.com

Greenwood's Grocery & Catering: Contact Tim Greenwood at (563) 744-3333. greenwoodsgrocery@gmail.com